Greetings from the Land of Sosk…

Howdy folks…

It’s Jeff here. Before we got too far along with the process of shooting test footage, I wanted to start a “Sleeping Deep” production blog. For those of you who haven’t yet met, you can do so here.

Below are a list of cast and crew members on board at this point:

Jeff Palmer ~ Writer/Director

John Tulin ~ Cinematographer

Ron Elwell ~ Kevin

Matthew Magennis ~ Eric

Mike Nash ~ Concept Artist

Shawn P. Russell ~ Composer

John Emurai

Michael Mulcahy ~ Make-up

Johnnie Rodriguez ~ TBD

Esther Mulligan ~ Janice

Sheliah Morrison ~ Miss Bell

Chip Street ~ Set/Production Design

More to follow
as team members trickle in…

The website for “The Sleeping Deep” can be found at:

And Red Brick Films at

You’re welcome to email me comments, feedback and such. I’m really looking forward to this process :)




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