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Here’s the first clip I was able to edit into shape. It’s only 40 seconds.

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Again, this is a combination screen & camera test, but all things considered I think it came out pretty good. I’ll do my best to post more clips as I continue with the editing process.

Shawn’s music is for placement only, although I think it goes quite well with this rough cut. Good job, folks!

Hope everyone is doing well.

~ Jeff


holding pattern

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Hey folks ~

Just a quick note before the long weekend.

I’m in the midst of figuring out the best time for the next read-through, which is the scene with Nellie Rainwater Patchett. Seems like the 19th or 20th works for everyone, but the tricky part lies in finding the space for it as well as the time of day. Again, herding cats. That’s okay. I’m enjoying the ride.

I haven’t had the chance to edit any of the screen tests. I’m as anxious as anyone to see how they look when cut together. All I can say is hang tight! — or hang loose? I don’t surf so I’m not sure which version to use.

Mike Nash sent me Round 1 of an eel demon design and thus begins the volley of concept artist & director. We’re off to a great start and I’m thrilled to be involved in this process.

Shawn Russell has sample tracks on deck for uploading, but his PC is giving him some hassles that need ironing out. Ugh. I know the feeling, man. We feel your pain.

** THIS JUST IN ** Shawn Russell emailed some sample tracks for The Sleeping Deep. Very excited! I may just have to post a link – but need to conference with him before doing so. Stay tuned…

Locations, locations, locations. My new mantra. Gotta get’em.

I think that’s it. Other than fighting off a bad head cold, all is well. Have a great weekend!

~ Jeff

Belated introductions & new pics

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I added two names to the team roster a while ago and realized these folks haven’t been properly introduced. Shame on me.

In no particular order… Michael Mulcahy will be lending his super skill-set as make-up artist to the project. I’ve known Michael for several years now. We met working at a frame shop in Davis and haven’t stopped rambling about the joys of art and the sorrows of living the artist’s life since. In fact, I’m pretty sure he spends most of his waking hours muttering to himself about such things. You can usually find him hiding out in his garage, surrounded by various art projects, plucking his banjo while counting the spiders in the rafters… and planning their demise. But I wouldn’t kill that brown recluse, Mike. It could be your twin!

Chip Street and I go back a ways in InternetLand. He’s located in Santa Cruz and we’ve managed to foster and maintain a decent rapport with one another using our computers. Fancy that. He’s “one of the good ones” and, on top of being an accomplished artist, Chip has worked on many independent films including his own. We met up in Los Gatos one evening and had a laugh over beers, talking film and, more importantly, how to pen the Great American Screenplay and, subsequently — rule the world!

Welcome aboard, gents. I’m looking forward to working with both of you. And, as promised, two more frames from Friday’s shoot. Thanks for the pics, JT!

Matthew Magennis as Eric.

Sheilah Morrison as Miss Bell.

I can’t wait to edit the scenes. Unfortunately, I’m pretty much working Monday-Wed. Dang. We must keep the bills at bay, eh?

Thanks for checking the blog :)

~ Jeff

Pics from Tuesday’s shoot.

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Below are a sampling of frames from the scenes we shot on Tuesday, Feb. 3rd.

Johnnie Rodriguez as Chip, soon to be Stony Hill.

Danielle Kerley playing Charlotte Foster for the day.

Esther Mulligan as Janice Harrington.

Ron Elwell as Kevin Tiggs.

Again, these were just screen tests and read-throughs, so set dressing, lighting and costumes were all on the fly, but I wanted to share.

JT – send me pics of Miss Bell and Eric!

Stay tuned for more ;)

~ Jeff

Round 1. Done.

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Just a quick note before I jump into some work that pays the bills, which will be like torture since all I want to do now is edit the footage we shot!

I wanted to welcome Sheilah Morrison on board the Sleeping Deep Train. She’ll be playing the part of Miss Bell, Charlotte’s busy-body neighbor. We had a great time with the scene between her and Eric (Matthew Magennis) and I’ll post a frame or two once I have the chance.

I’ve also posted a casting call on Craigslist for the part of Nellie Rainwater Patchett — and I may already have someone on deck for that role. We’ll see what happens.

Have a great weekend everyone!

~ Jeff

Hollywood often gets it wrong with comas. So what’s new?

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I just came across this article while doing a little research about comas. It’s worth a read and makes a lot of sense.

What do the movies “Kill Bill Vol. 1,” “Rocky 2” and “Monkey Bone” have in common? Each has a character in a coma. In Quentin Tarantino’s “Kill Bill,” the character The Bride is comatose from a bullet wound to the head. Then a mosquito bites her. And she snaps out of it.

Dramatic? Yes. Realistic? Not in the least. Doctors are concerned inaccurate representations of coma do have an effect on people’s understand of coma and expectations about recovery.

Kevin Tiggs, one of the key characters in The Sleeping Deep, suffers an acute “emotional” overload to his system while deep in one of his dream cycles. He doesn’t wake up from it and, eventually, an eel demon rises out of his mouth from the other side. Oh, the horror!


Kevin’s mouth OPENS WIDE and from it rises a sinewy EEL
DEMON, orange eyes, rows of fangs. It hovers several feet
over Kevin’s body, gnashing teeth, hissing.
The monitoring machines are going nuts, lights flashing,
beeping erratically.

A NURSE rushes down the hallway and enters Kevin’s room.

There, in full view, the EEL DEMON protruding from Kevin’s
mouth turns to face the NURSE. It bellows out a heinous
screech then DISSOLVES into vapor. Gone.

The Nurse falls to the floor in shock. The monitors go flat
and unresponsive.

Actually, when produced the right way, it will be a gripping and terrifying moment. Of course, this sort of thing doesn’t happen in real life (maybe it does?) so we will be making the most of our creative liberties. Still, it’s important to ground the scene with some amount of reality and get the hospital details as close to legit as possible.

Wijdicks acknowledges that feature films are fiction. They’re aimed at evoking an emotional response. But he says that doesn’t mean they have to be inaccurate. If military advisors and historians can be found on set, he says, why not a neurologist?

I totally agree with this statement. However – you guessed it – this requires a budget, which at the moment I do not have. (Hell, I need to secure a set before I should worry about getting a neurologist!) But this won’t prevent me from researching and ironing out those details for when the money does present itself.

Time will tell. It always does.

Peace. Out. – Jeff

The old “switcheroo”

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Yes.  It’s actually a word. Check it out here.

Tuesday’s shoot went off as planned. Imagine that?! We had a great day. It was nice to meet folks in person. After John and I reviewed and deliberated over the footage, we decided to shift gears and swap out one of the scenes for a different one. This isn’t my favorite part of the process, but it’s all about moving forward in the right direction. While our decision changes the next phase a bit, most of our plans remain in tact. I’ll keep folks posted with emails.

Tomorrow (Friday) is the casting session for the characters Miss Bell and Eric. Keep your fingers crossed. I’ll post some pictures over the weekend from Tuesday and tomorrow.