several things

1) The Sleeping Deep did not make the final cut at StoryPros this year. Boo hoo. Life goes on. I’m already over it.

2) I met up with CG FX artist John Emurai yesterday and am pleased to add his name to our growing list of Sleeping Deep Team Members. Welcome aboard, John!

3) Mike Nash is in the throes of sketching Kevin’s journal. In order to do this he has to get inside Kevin’s head and live in his skin for a while. Poor guy. Mike, we’ll be here on the other side waiting for you ;)

4) I continue to get word from composer Shawn Russell of his progress with sounds from The Sleeping Deep. Once we’ve settled on a few tracks I’ll be sure to share them. Go Shawn!

5) I met with John Tulin (JT) and Matt Johnson yesterday for steak/salmon dinners and a movie. We watched Underworld for some inspiration on JT’s BluRay home theater system. It was insanely good! What’s great is that we’re rigged to shoot these scenes on HD and then watch them in HD upon completion. I’m really looking forward to this.

6) Rehearsals and read-throughs are scheduled for next week. I’ll be in touch with folks again as a reminder. Forgive the redundancy. Better safe than sorry.

7) JT brought an article to my attention in San Jose’s Mercury News regarding how today’s economy and horror films go hand in hand. You think? Give it a read at this link here.

I’ll stick with 7 bullet points since that number is supposed to be lucky — and every ounce of luck will certainly come in handy these days.

Stay tuned…



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