Belated introductions & new pics

I added two names to the team roster a while ago and realized these folks haven’t been properly introduced. Shame on me.

In no particular order… Michael Mulcahy will be lending his super skill-set as make-up artist to the project. I’ve known Michael for several years now. We met working at a frame shop in Davis and haven’t stopped rambling about the joys of art and the sorrows of living the artist’s life since. In fact, I’m pretty sure he spends most of his waking hours muttering to himself about such things. You can usually find him hiding out in his garage, surrounded by various art projects, plucking his banjo while counting the spiders in the rafters… and planning their demise. But I wouldn’t kill that brown recluse, Mike. It could be your twin!

Chip Street and I go back a ways in InternetLand. He’s located in Santa Cruz and we’ve managed to foster and maintain a decent rapport with one another using our computers. Fancy that. He’s “one of the good ones” and, on top of being an accomplished artist, Chip has worked on many independent films including his own. We met up in Los Gatos one evening and had a laugh over beers, talking film and, more importantly, how to pen the Great American Screenplay and, subsequently — rule the world!

Welcome aboard, gents. I’m looking forward to working with both of you. And, as promised, two more frames from Friday’s shoot. Thanks for the pics, JT!

Matthew Magennis as Eric.

Sheilah Morrison as Miss Bell.

I can’t wait to edit the scenes. Unfortunately, I’m pretty much working Monday-Wed. Dang. We must keep the bills at bay, eh?

Thanks for checking the blog :)

~ Jeff


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