gotta take some lumps from time to time

Oh well. The Sleeping Deep wasn’t ready for the Nantucket Film Festival & Screenplay Competition.

Dear Jeff,

Thank you for submitting your screenplay, “The Sleeping Deep,” to the 14th
Annual Nantucket Film Festival and Screenplay Competition. It was a pleasure
to read your script, although unfortunately, it did not reach the final
round of the competition. This year we considered approximately 350 films
from all over the world based on their story structure, character
development, plot development, dialogue, originality, and marketability.

Thanks again for giving us the chance to read your screenplay. We wish you
the best of luck in your writing career and hope to see more of your work in
the future!


Mystelle Brabbée
Artistic Director

Daniela Bajar
Screenplay Coordinator

Livia Bloom
Film Festival Programmer

It’s always interesting to get such varying degrees of enthusiasm from one festival or reader to the next. No big whoop.

For festivals & contests, that’s 1 down and about 20 to go! I’d like to think the odds are in my favor… time will tell.

~ Jeff


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