set dressing is FUN

Michael and I just finished the set for Kevin’s room. We totally felt like little kids messing up our bedrooms on a rainy afternoon. Here are just a few pics.

SetDesign 005

SetDesign 022

SetDesign 046

You can see all of them at this Flickr link.

Michael Mulcahy, my Davis go-to guy and Art Comrade, provided the artwork and pictures for the walls and Kevin’s sketchbook and helped with load in, transportation, and collaboration. Originally Mike Nash was going to contribute the sketches, but we took another direction with his efforts for the promotional poster. And Chip Street was going to jump in with set design — but timing, proximity (San Jose turned into Davis) and the budget weren’t on our side.

Thank you Mr. Mulcahy for the great work. :)

We’re shooting Saturday night and collecting footage so John Emurai can make a demonic eel sprout from Kevin’s (Ron’s) mouth. Good times.

And thanks to Sheila Carter for the location and Rebecca for helping with logistics. We’ll make sure the eel doesn’t get loose.




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