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Hello and thanks for checking in. I wanted to post an update and reiterate the intention of this blog.

I’ve had a few emails from folks asking how production was going for The Sleeping Deep. So far, it’s going very well — but we’re only shooting promotional materials, not the entire feature film, even though I would love to be doing just that. We have no budget or deals yet, but we do have an interest in keeping the creative gears turning and this is one way to go about it.

So the works posted on this blog are more about staying busy with the creative process and, with any luck, it may just whet the appetite of a company or producer. Who knows? You just gotta raise it up the flag pole and see if it gets any attention.

We’re slated to shoot the scene with Kevin and Janice again, this time at the real location (the one below). This will give me more footage to mess around with in the editing suite. When all is said and done, I’d like to have a few pieces to screen at this year’s H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival. Last year the script won the Best Screenplay award and it would be great to show the Lovecraft fan boys something, if only some works-in-progress. Key word there: progress.

I’ll be getting my hands on the footage from the last shoot so I can jump into an edit, at least off-line, then will have something for John Emurai to use for the CG eel. Can’t wait to see how that looks!


Also of note, as of today The Sleeping Deep (in its various drafts) has been submitted to no less than 20 film festivals and contests in the screenplay competition category, including the Austin Film Festival, Nicholl Fellowship and the Fantastic Planet Sydney Science Fiction & Fantasy Film Festival. While some entry fees cost upwards of $50+ , I feel that it is money well spent as it’s a great way for work to make the rounds and get some feedback. I’ve targeted many of the horror, fantasy and sci-fi specific competitions so this further increases the chances of actually getting someone’s attention. One would hope ;)

The WILDsound Film Festival will be announcing the 3 winners on May 30th. If TSD wins they stage a reading of the script. Even though I’ve been thrilled with the performances and talent in the promotional materials we’ve shot, it would still be interesting to see how the entire script “reads” on camera. Maybe that will happen?

Stay tuned…

~ Jeff


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