in the can

Great guns!

Saturday’s shoot with Kevin and Janice went swimmingly. Everything from performances to camera to blocking all seemed to gel and come together. I was very pleased with everyone’s efforts. Thank you to John Tulin (DP), Esther Mulligan (Janice) and Ron Elwell (Kevin). And also thanks to Michael Mulcahy who ran a few errands before leaving for a prior engagement.

I wish I had some production stills of Saturday’s shoot, but we got so busy and into the scene I didn’t think of it. Maybe I’ll get a few frames grabs to post.

Now I have loads – tons! – of footage to sort through and assemble. This is the process I love. It’s like a puzzle, a jigsaw puzzle of pixels, and I need to take it all in, gestate, chew, and mull over what works and what doesn’t. The 2 clips I’m aiming for are the scene with Janice and Kevin and Kevin’s decent into his “personal hell” wherein the demonic eel sprouts from his mouth. Lots to do, lots to do…

I also got word from CineStory that Quarterfinalists can resubmit the newest draft of their script, which has me giddy. The version I first submitted was 119 pages and had the old ending; one that I liked a lot, (who knows, maybe it’ll come back?) but eventually decided to wrap up the story with a slightly different tone. The most recent version is a scant 101 pages with a new cliffhanger ending that, I think, works better on many levels than the old one. We’ll see. If The Sleeping Deep makes it as a semifinalist I get invited to attend their writer’s conference at Idyllwild, CA in October – which would ROCK. [He says with fingers crossed, voodoo doll in hand, chicken feet dangling from neck…]

As always, keep checking back for more shtuff!

~ Jeff


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