The long weekend behind me, it’s time to clean up Kevin’s room: strip the walls, scrub the windows, vacuum the floors… But in a weird way I’m looking forward to it. Why? Well, for starters, it was an absolute blessing to find a location that fit the scene, was nearby so I could decorate it, and was on loan at a friend’s apartment which kept the cost down, which meant there was power, a fridge and restroom. Instant studio! In filmmaking, when the location isn’t compromised and you have access to it when you want and need it, that right there is priceless. And since I *hate* trying to find locations for scenes, when they fall into my lap, I can’t complain one bit – even when I need to spend a few hours cleaning up top to bottom. No big deal. That’s an easy price to pay for getting such great footage. So, thanks to Sheila Carter for the studio space!

Hope everyone’s long weekend was pleasant.

~ Jeff


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