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movin’ on down

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Sorry for the lack of updates. Life is crazy. Bec and I are knee deep in boxes, packing for our move to SoCal, Valencia (Santa Clarita) to be exact. And don’t we all know how fun moving is? Kill me now.


In contest and festival news, CineStory passed on The Sleeping Deep. Oh well. I had high hopes. Guess my best wasn’t good enough for their judges. I’ll never know why, but c’est la vie. I can live with the Quarterfinalist badge and move on. There are dozens of other competitions on deck. Stay tuned…

I did, however, recently option the first feature script I ever wrote called “Sex Bomb Death Ride” (originally titled “Jack in the Box”). It’s a mash-up of Troma meets Tarantino with a shot of art-house quirkiness. The producer was mostly keen on the premise and title so whatever ends up on screen may not be anything close to what I originally wrote. No matter. An option is a step in the write direction as they say. ;)

I’ll be out of the loop for a while offline, away from the “Internets.” Thanks for checking in!




slow and steady…

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Nothing major to report. Just wanted to post a quick bit on what’s in the works:

~ John Emurai has the clip with Kevin for the Eel Demon scene. He’ll be tinkering with this over the next few months. I’m really looking forward to seeing what he comes up with. This will be my first go at working CGI into filmmaking and I have a feeling it won’t be the last!

~ I’m shooting a quick pick-up shot of Janice’s POV today for the scene with Janice and Kevin.

~ Several of the screenplay contests I submitted to will be announcing winners and finalists on or around mid month. Should be interesting.

~ Shawn Russell is currently working on the score for the Kevin and Janice scene. The picture isn’t locked, but it’s so close that I don’t feel much will change with whatever Shawn composes. Can’t wait to hear a sample!

~ I’ve decided to roll out the new clips at this year’s H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival in October instead of posting them online. I feel this will help elevate the project and create some suspense with our audience. Plus it will be cool to see it on the big screen! We’re hoping they decide to project with BluRay since the scenes were shot in HD.

Well, that’s about it. Stay tuned for tidbits as they trickle in…

~ Jeff

Emmy Roundtable

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I was hoping to paste the video clip within this post, but can’t seem to manage that, so here’s the link:

Emmy Roundtable: Drama Actors: Working With Writers

The actors talk about what it takes to play their characters and what it is like working with the writers. Michael C. Hall also tells us about his character’s stress-management issues.

If you’re writing a story that borders on or is completely immersed in the world of fictional entertainment/implausibility (aren’t we all?) it’s worth hearing how some of these actors deal with the scripts and characters they’ve been handed. In the same breath, some of the actors featured in dramas like “Rescue Me” and “Breaking Bad” discuss character justification and how it’s critical to carefully navigate through the show’s season and story arc.

Good stuff.

Relieved, actually.

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The winners of the WILDsound Film and Screenplay Contest were announced, and The Sleeping Deep remained a finalist, which is fine by me. Why? For starters, the version they had is an older 119-page draft, much clunkier than the new 101-pager. Since they didn’t allow the finalists to submit a revised draft for consideration, if TSD had won (which would have been cool) they would have videotaped a reading and posted it on their site (not so cool).  I suppose even if the contest allowed finalists to resubmit a newer draft of their script, the idea of a recorded version of the script floating around online had me feeling hesitant about advancing to winner status at WILDsound.

No matter. The judges offered excellent script coverage and a nice press quote, so in the end I walked away with some useful materials. Now I wait for news from the other 35+ festivals and contests I’ve submitted to.

Tomorrow I’ll be down at JohnnyLand (JT’s editing and movie room) where we will cut together some of the footage we shot over the past few weekends. By the time I leave on Wednesday, I’m hoping to have the shots for the CG eel set to go for John Emurai, and maybe even the scene with Kevin and Janice roughed together. Can’t wait!!

Thanks for checking in.

~ Jeff