Relieved, actually.

The winners of the WILDsound Film and Screenplay Contest were announced, and The Sleeping Deep remained a finalist, which is fine by me. Why? For starters, the version they had is an older 119-page draft, much clunkier than the new 101-pager. Since they didn’t allow the finalists to submit a revised draft for consideration, if TSD had won (which would have been cool) they would have videotaped a reading and posted it on their site (not so cool).  I suppose even if the contest allowed finalists to resubmit a newer draft of their script, the idea of a recorded version of the script floating around online had me feeling hesitant about advancing to winner status at WILDsound.

No matter. The judges offered excellent script coverage and a nice press quote, so in the end I walked away with some useful materials. Now I wait for news from the other 35+ festivals and contests I’ve submitted to.

Tomorrow I’ll be down at JohnnyLand (JT’s editing and movie room) where we will cut together some of the footage we shot over the past few weekends. By the time I leave on Wednesday, I’m hoping to have the shots for the CG eel set to go for John Emurai, and maybe even the scene with Kevin and Janice roughed together. Can’t wait!!

Thanks for checking in.

~ Jeff


One Response to “Relieved, actually.”

  1. crankydog Says:

    35 submissions? Damn, that’s dedication… what was your budget for submissions? I’m guessing… (holds envelope to forehead) $550?

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