movin’ on down

Sorry for the lack of updates. Life is crazy. Bec and I are knee deep in boxes, packing for our move to SoCal, Valencia (Santa Clarita) to be exact. And don’t we all know how fun moving is? Kill me now.


In contest and festival news, CineStory passed on The Sleeping Deep. Oh well. I had high hopes. Guess my best wasn’t good enough for their judges. I’ll never know why, but c’est la vie. I can live with the Quarterfinalist badge and move on. There are dozens of other competitions on deck. Stay tuned…

I did, however, recently option the first feature script I ever wrote called “Sex Bomb Death Ride” (originally titled “Jack in the Box”). It’s a mash-up of Troma meets Tarantino with a shot of art-house quirkiness. The producer was mostly keen on the premise and title so whatever ends up on screen may not be anything close to what I originally wrote. No matter. An option is a step in the write direction as they say. ;)

I’ll be out of the loop for a while offline, away from the “Internets.” Thanks for checking in!




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