The Day Nothing Happened

Yep. It’s been one of those days. Nary a text or a phone call. I haven’t checked outside for smoke signals, but will do shortly.

Actually, this isn’t entirely true. I did get one solicitous phone call from a robot. Yes. A robot with a human voice called me today. Am I the only lucky one?

And okay… I also got a few emails in my inbox. So maybe it really isn’t The Day Nothing Happened. It’s more like, The Day Almost Nothing Happened.

They’re probably the same thing? Almost.


3 Responses to “The Day Nothing Happened”

  1. crankydog Says:

    You got a comment. That’s sumpin’, right?

  2. runningfornow Says:

    Ha! YAY! Thanks for that. :)

  3. runningfornow Says:

    Hey wait… now I have two! No… three!

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