Jeffrey Combs + Edgar Allan Poe = Awesome

Went to see Jeffrey Combs star as Edgar Allan Poe in “Nevermore” (directed by Stuart Gordon, written by David Paoli) at the Steve Allen Theater last night on Hollywood. Wow. Amazing. I knew Jeffrey Combs would deliver the goods, but had no idea… Let’s just say that if you are in the Los Angeles area, can spare $10 (yes, only a ten-spot — oh heck, go even if you can’t afford it) and want to experience an incredibly special and satisfying evening of entertainment that isn’t playing at your local cineplex, you simply must attend Nevermore. It will not disappoint.

Reviews are not my strength, so I will defer to some links here where you can read up on what to expect — or just use da Google.

GoldStar member reviews

Interview with Stuart Gordon and Jeffrey Combs

The Edgar Allan Poe Museum

If you’re familiar with Jeffrey Combs from his roles in Re-Animator, Love and a .45, or The Frighteners… you’re in for a treat the likes of which will have you wanting Nevermore!

On a personal note, I was able to meet Stuart Gordon on our way into the theater and introduced myself as a fan. He was gracious, approachable and thanked us for coming. I wanted to scream “Overdose!!!” (a memorable line from his cult film The Re-Animator) but refrained.

Before the play began they announced that the run has been extended through the end of August due to sold out shows and a growing interest from the community. So now you don’t have any excuses, right?


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