OK. Time to push that ball up the hill.

And a ONE. And a TWO… annnnd HEAVE! Ho!!

It’s high time T.S.D. (that’s Team Sleeping Deep) get busy and back on track with biznizz, boyeee. We have deadlines to make. And with deadlines come goals, and with goals expectations and then results are right around the corner. Yeah! That’s the spirit. Goals. Deadlines. Results. Love it.

Kidding aside, our collective sights remain steadfast on getting at least one promotional clip locked and loaded for H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival 2009. Last year The Sleeping Deep took top prize for best screenplay and, one year later, there will be proof that I didn’t rest on my laurels. Well at least not the entire year. ;)

John Emurai has been chipping away at the creature FX, Shawn Russell is crafting new music, and Papa John Tulin is helping on the post-produciton side of things. I have no doubt our efforts will yield a bounty of goodness. Come October, we’ll roll out some eye candy for the Fantasy Fanboys and Fanatics. Give ’em what they want! But just enough so they want more. More, I say! More!! Bwahahahaha!!! [wringing hands, eyes wide, drool rolls over exposed teeth pooling onto the floor]

Yeah. Uh. It’ll be cool. Right?


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