No Nicholl-a-Go-Go

As was expected, I got the “Regrettably” email from the Nicholl Fellowship Screenwriting Contest today.

It was no surprise, really. Out of 6,380 screenplay submissions only 321 made it to the coveted Quarterfinalist round. Yeah. That means 6,059 entrants got “passed” on. So big whoopty-doo congrats to the 321… and carry on, my fellow 6,058.

Eye of the tiger, baby. Eye of the tiger…

The funny/good thing about being a winner OR a loser is that each party has the right to drink.  Celebrate victory? Have a pint! Drown your sorrows? Another round, please. This is why bars almost NEVER go out of business. They do great business in good times and bad, through thick and thin. So the question is…

What the hell am I doing in this filmmaking fantasy when I’d make more money owning a pub?

Bottoms up!

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