Looking for low-budget? Got any deals? Gimme a discount? Step right up and kiss my*

Seems like everywhere you look online these days, people want a deal. And screenplays are no exception. Producers and prodcos are on the hunt for the next best thing that takes place in THREE locations and has a cast of LESS THAN FIVE and has NO FX and NO EXPLOSIONS and NOTHING THAT WILL COST A LOT OF MONEY. Essentially, they are looking for a play.

I’m not that interested in writing plays. If I were, I’d be peddling my work on Broadway or Off Broadway (proabably Off Off Broadway). However, I am interested in writing a (damn good) SCREENplay. And if that involves EXPLOSIONS and FX and FIGHT SCENES and demands a BIG BUDGET — so be it.

My aim is to tell stories; compelling, evocative, daring, heartfelt, inventive stories. I already wrote and produced a LOW-BUDGET character piece. Been there. Done that. Bought the DVD. The end. Moving on…

If it just so happens that a low-budget concept GRABS ME and HOLDS ON and DIGS IN and WON’T LET GO, then I will write that script (and, if necessary, make the movie, too.) If I am in love with the story, Onward! If I’m hemming and hawing and feeling so-so about it, Pppbbbtttt!

With On the Fringe, I wrote what I could produce on a limited budget. With The Sleeping Deep, I took my foot off the brakes, put the pedal to the floor and let my imagination steer the wheel into uncharted territories… and beyond.

If there is money on the table, fine. I will fulfill a client’s/producer’s needs, provide a service and take the check. But when it comes to writing specs, I’m just not interested in following the trends and predicting what Hollywood will be looking for in the future.

Screenwriter-to-Screenwriter sums it up nicely with her recent post here. [excerpt below]

Not everything we write is going to have great commercial potential. Some things we must write simply because we love them. It might not be the small character drama that breaks your career and gets you work. Maybe not off that one script. But the creative process can’t always be controlled. Sometimes we just have to write that script that’s burning a hole, scratching to the surface, kicking its way out. We will write it and feel better. And once it’s written, we have it in our arsenal of work. It’s ours. Our little nugget of gold.

Bromantic comedies are all the rage, Jeff. You should write one!

Kiss my little star*.


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