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Contribute page

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Just added a new page for contributions.


All donations will be credited accordingly. Thanks in advance!

Materials that your donation could buy:

  • cardboard DVD mailers
  • sell sheets
  • printing
  • color DVD inserts
  • blank DVD media
  • USPS shipping
  • … and more!

~ Jeff


Folks, you heard it first on KTSD!

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“Live” coverage on KTSD, Sleeping Deep Radio

(click image for audio)

Now… back to your regular programming!

House Cleaning — Framed Prints & Paintings

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In an effort to reclaim some space at our new place (our closet is FULL) and add some money to the Sleeping Deep budget, I’m unloading a bunch of my paintings, some framed prints, all ready-to-hang.

Take a look at the links below and let me know if you have any questions. I haven’t updated the gallery in a while so some pieces may have already been sold. We can discuss shipping when it gets to that stage. Thanks for looking!

DIGITAL MASH-UPS – Framed prints and photos, ready to hang

PAINTINGS – acrylic on board, various sizes, ready to hang

Jeff’s Art Gallery

Please pass this BLOG LINK on to anyone who might be interested in such things. The more, the merrier.





Bon voyage!

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And awaaaaaaay we go…


Last year it was the script. This year it’s the teaser. Next year will be… the movie?


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It’s off to the USPS tomorrow with dreams, nightmares and cosmic fantasies in tow. All will be en route to Portland, Oregon to make the HPLFF deadline – with ONE day to spare. Phew! Shawn and I were going back and forth with music files via YouSendIt up until about 5 minutes ago.  Now he’s having a beer (a Shipyard Export to be exact) and I’m ready for dinner.

Maybe I’ll treat myself and have some unagi… ;)

Thanks again y’all! We crossed the finish line with style and substance.

~ Jeff

* and if it weren’t for Rebecca’s iBook, I wouldn’t have been able to burn all the DVDs. A team effort all around. Thanks sweetie! :)

Oh yeah.

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Not sure who’s checking the Sleeping Deep blog these days, but I wanted to post an update on the promotional materials status.

Score! Goal! Slam dunk! Done.

We made our deadline(s). All is right in the world.

Artwork by Mike Nash. (DVD face concept)

I’m exporting, encoding, burning, printing, packing, proofing, and shipping as I type this. Should have everything ready for tomorrow’s post.

Feels good. Feels really good. Feels fucking FANTASTIC!


Sunday Shout-Out: Mike Nash

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If you haven’t clicked over to Mike Nash’s blog and art journal in a while, you really should. He’ll be showing his digital illustrating creations (Mazimus and Demon Eel included) at a solo exhibition in Springfield/Maidstone U.K.

Details below.

Break a leg, Mike!