Sit down and watch your movie. Now go write it.

Maybe this is an exercise, maybe it’s just pretend, maybe both… The idea here is to actually sit down (could be in front of a TV that is off) or a wall or somewhere you won’t get distracted and visualize your film taking place before your eyes, your mind’s eye.

Imagine the opening scene, the setting, the music, the editing… Are things coming into focus or just fuzzy blobs?

At this point you’re not writing, you’re only watching, pretending that your movie is unfolding in front of you. What do you see? Hear? You can press pause anytime you want, but you can’t fast-forward at all. Not one frame. You need to go from the opening shot to the end credits without turning back or skipping forward. Scene by scene, line by line, frame by frame. Allow yourself the pleasure of watching your original screenplay manifest right in front of you.

After it’s all over and those credits are rolling up the screen, now comes the fun part. (Fun? Yeah right). Yes. Fun, yeah WRITE. Like, write now.

It’s time to put it on the screen of your laptop in words. Doesn’t have to be script format. Not just yet. But it does have to replicate what you saw just 90 minutes ago or thereabouts. Give us your account of what you saw and heard. Sight and sound. Sight + sound = your film. This is the synthesis we aim to create. What do we see? What do we hear?

Go on. Get to it. Stop reading this. You wanna make movies, right? Go. Write. Now.


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