2 Clips, 1 Deadline and a Boatful of Dreams

Poster art by Mike Nash.

We’re just about done with the 2 promotional clips for The Sleeping Deep. One is essentially a “teaser” for the film, complete with ass-kicking music (Shawn P. Russell) and some cool creature FX (John Emurai). The other is a scene from the script, as if it were already a completed movie. Both are 2 minutes and feature Ron Elwell as Kevin and Esther Mulligan as Janice. Our deadline is August 28th, which would get us into the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival in October this year. John Tulin and I are hoping to attend… if budget and time permit. With any luck someone will be there to represent Red Brick Films with business cards in tow. Maybe even postcards?

Whether I can make it or not, the premiere of the clips will bookend a year of hard work and staying the course with producing promotional materials for this Horror/Fantasy/Sci-Fi script. After we screen the teasers, I will make them available online. The hopes is to find the right fit with a producer or prodco interested in such things. Time will tell.

Not too much else to report.




2 Responses to “2 Clips, 1 Deadline and a Boatful of Dreams”

  1. Looking forward to seeing this footage! Keep it up.

  2. Can’t wait to see that sick creature in motion!

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