Poll: Would you like an “official” promotional poster for The Sleeping Deep?

I’ve been in contact with Mike Nash discussing the possibility of offering our readers/fans/audience a chance to buy an official Sleeping Deep poster as part of an online fundraising event. We’re not certain which design we’d use (Mike might even make a new one?) but the lines of communication are open and we’ll be figuring out the best approach over the next few weeks. Perhaps you’d prefer a Tee shirt? Hmmm…

We’d probably use CafePress as I have an existing account there and will look into other services as well, depending on which direction we take.

How much is too much for something like this, including shipping+handling? Are there better, more suitable alternatives for fundraising? Can you think of five people who would be interested? Ten? Two?

Again, nothing is in stone and we’re deliberating our options. Thought it might be useful to post a poll here on the blog to widen the discussion. Comments are always welcome. Chime in when you can or shoot me an email. Thanks!

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