Up that hill, against the grain and to a different drummer, please.

Peter Jackson was quoted in a recent article about Hollywood remakes gone wild:

“It seems like every obscure TV show is being made into a movie,” Jackson says. “That can make it a little harder for filmmakers trying to create a different world, or introduce something original.”

You ain’t kiddin’, Peter. But only just a “little harder”? Here’s more on that article.

Such is the struggle with new and original material. I am really looking forward to seeing District 9 and, sadly, will admit to seeing Transformers 2, a weak moment. I actually got home from that film and was certifiably pissed off. Oh well. What was I expecting?

At this stage of the game there’s no turning back. The Sleeping Deep is what it is, whether Hollywood “pro” readers get it or pass. Someday it will be a movie; it might be big, it might be small, but either size… it will be a damn good one.

So bring on the budget, baby. Have we got a story for YOU.


2 Responses to “Up that hill, against the grain and to a different drummer, please.”

  1. What’s Jackson complaining about? His “original” takes on preexisting properties have done well for him.

    Any of the RINGS – based on a book series.
    King Kong – an unnecessary and weak remake.
    The TinTin movies – based on a comic strip.

    Granted he’s done a lot of other stuff, much of it original and much of it even good (love The Frighteners). But the stuff that MADE him is all borrowed material.

    And now he’s steering the HALO project? Based on a video game.

    Very much looking forward to D9 though. Hope to see it in a theater.

  2. You’re right about Jackson’s own track record. Good point(s). He states the obvious–then turns the cheek and takes the check!

    Oh well. I would… if I could. ;)

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