Yee ha!!

We’re well on our way now, folks. John Emurai stopped by Red Brick Films HQ and handed off the Creature FX file to Mr. Tulin for some quick ingesting. Of course, this is just a screen grab from a full high-res animation, but it offers a glimpse into what we’ve been up to.

Picture 2

Kevin’s mouth opens wide and from it rises a sinewy EEL DEMON, gnashing its teeth and hissing. Monitors flash and beep erratically.

For the sake of production, we combined scenes and nixed the idea of shooting in a hospital room, but otherwise I’m very pleased with the end result. Add Shawn Russell’s MUSIC and some eel demon sound FX and that should complete the clip. If I hunker down, the two teasers *should* be done by Sunday night, right on target for the Lovecraft deadline. Phew!

Great work, gentlemen. We’re just gettin’ started ;)


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