Oh yeah.

Not sure who’s checking the Sleeping Deep blog these days, but I wanted to post an update on the promotional materials status.

Score! Goal! Slam dunk! Done.

We made our deadline(s). All is right in the world.

Artwork by Mike Nash. (DVD face concept)

I’m exporting, encoding, burning, printing, packing, proofing, and shipping as I type this. Should have everything ready for tomorrow’s post.

Feels good. Feels really good. Feels fucking FANTASTIC!



2 Responses to “Oh yeah.”

  1. Woot! Congrats, man. That looks great. Hurry up and premiere this thing at the fest so the rest of us can see it! :)

  2. runningfornow Says:


    The HPLFF is the first weekend of October (2,3,4) and we’ll be making it available on the website by then. I’m hoping to get a new look to the website as well, but I’m no programmer or coder so it won’t be me doing it ;)
    We’ll see…

    As always, thanks for checking in!
    ~ Jeff

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