House Cleaning — Framed Prints & Paintings

In an effort to reclaim some space at our new place (our closet is FULL) and add some money to the Sleeping Deep budget, I’m unloading a bunch of my paintings, some framed prints, all ready-to-hang.

Take a look at the links below and let me know if you have any questions. I haven’t updated the gallery in a while so some pieces may have already been sold. We can discuss shipping when it gets to that stage. Thanks for looking!

DIGITAL MASH-UPS – Framed prints and photos, ready to hang

PAINTINGS – acrylic on board, various sizes, ready to hang

Jeff’s Art Gallery

Please pass this BLOG LINK on to anyone who might be interested in such things. The more, the merrier.





2 Responses to “House Cleaning — Framed Prints & Paintings”

  1. FWIW I tweeted all my tweetsters with a tweety about your art sale. Good stuff, man.

  2. runningfornow Says:

    FWIW… had to think about that one – but got it! Thanks man.

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