TSD sell sheets are off to the printer + silk screen success

Materials for TSDPK are slowly stacking up. I just sent the final high-res sell sheet .jpegs off to the printer, which officially has maxed my Discover Card. Woo-hoo! Haven’t done that in a while. Oh well. I suppose it wouldn’t be true independent filmmaking if a few credit cards weren’t pushed to the brink. C’est la vie. Here are the front (color) and back (B&W) low-res images.

I finally gave Mike Nash’s eel creation a name: Rol’zan-khal.

Journal art by Michael Mulcahy

Thanks to Chip Street (WriteClubChallenge.com) and Monica Partridge (Screenwriter-to-Screenwriter.com) for their last minute press quotes. They came out great! I appreciate the support.

But it’s not just what’s on the inside that counts. I felt it was important to add an organic design to the front of the DVD mailer, something that said “You WANT to open me.” After some thoughts on design, I settled on silk screening a pattern of “inky black tendrils” directly onto the cardboard since they are a motif in the script. So… I dug up a silk (actually polyester or nylon) screen printing kit that I bought a few years ago and never opened up or used. Other than scratching away that fruit-roll-up stuff in high school art class to produce some sort of layman’s silk screen image, this would be my first attempt at using photo emulsion to create a design.

After reading the directions and thoroughly confusing myself (thanks again, Chip, for the online Q&A ;) I dove in and gave it a whirl… and the results were totally cool! They aren’t perfect, but that’s all right with me. I was aiming for something that looked handmade and not so cookie cutter as slapping a sticker on the outside. Let me know what you think.

TSD_PromoKit_SilkScreen 001

TSD_PromoKit_SilkScreen 005

TSD_PromoKit_SilkScreen 004

Now that I’ve broken in the screen printing kit, I think I’m ready to take on more designs and possibly make some homemade T-shirts. I have several designs that have been kicking around for a while and maybe it’s time to give them life outside my desktop folder. We’ll see.

Finally, September is upon us. And that means many a script competition and film festival will be announcing selected screenplays. The Sleeping Deep will be up against some serious talent in the “Tomes of Terror” department. I’m not the only game in town. Hell no! But I play nice and everyone gets a fair whack at the title. Whatever happens, happens for a reason. Just gotta keep my head down, my hands busy and continue building the empire box by box… brick by brick…

Because that’s how we roll at Red Brick Films.

~ Jeff


2 Responses to “TSD sell sheets are off to the printer + silk screen success”

  1. those look great. DIY is the way to do it!

  2. Thanks Bill! I guess deep down I’m a “crafter” at heart. ;)

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