TSD on MySpace. Like, OMG!


I really REALLY loathe MySpace, but with the upcoming teaser clip and October festivals around the corner, I figured it might help cast a wider net. Who knows?


If I could afford to hire someone, a college whipper-snapper who LOVES social networking, to spend all their time Twitting, Facebooking, MySpacing about The Sleeping Deep, it would be money well spent!! I find it all to be a waste of time, but there are those who absolutely couldn’t go a day without them. Oh well. Such is the world we live in. If you can’t beat them to death with a hate stick and dispose of their bodies in a remote location, might as well join ’em. You think?

Oh, and if you feel tremors shaking your house, that’s me joining Facebook. :(


~ Jeff


One Response to “TSD on MySpace. Like, OMG!”

  1. I have a myspace site. I never use it, but If I can ever remember the password I’ll friend ya.

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