Quarter-Finalist (sp?) ~ Creative World Awards

I don’t expect to make it any further than this round (won’t get my hopes up again!) so I’ll enjoy being on the CWA list another week.

I only wish someone in the film business would decide how we’re all going to spell QUARTER FINALIST. I’ve seen it spelled just about every way possible: Quarterfinalist, Quarter Finalist, QuarterFinalist and now Quarter-Finalist. It would even be a step to settle on just two versions. You think?

And you gotta love some of these titles: Dead Hookers? Reaping Santa? I’d advance them by that criteria alone. And Night of the Dolphin? In Horror/Thriller/Fantasy? I gotta know more. If The Sleeping Deep gets bumped by any of those three, I’d be totally fine with it. :)



152-Darryl Knickrehm
Arrivals-Eric Reese
Azza-Troy William Dunn
Borderland   -J.R. Taylor
Born Again  -Mary and John McCarthy
Burn -Tony Martin
By way of Prague  -albert ferranti
Bystander  -Ryan Bradley
Christmas Past  -John Adcox
Cipango-Spencer Michlin
Controlled   -Craig Cambria (aka Daniel C. Jay)
Dazzle Land  -Steve Schoen/James Loos
Dead Hookers  -Neil Riley
Deadliner-David Dixon
Direct Descent  -Marjory Kaptanoglu
Down Under-Per Mühlow
Drawing Near  -Garnet Giesbrecht
Erasure-Michael Grebb
Gabriel’s Horn  -randal kobler
Gargoyle  -Vincent Ho
Genome  -Andrew Glasgow
Ghosts of the Storm  -Dane Friend
Hocus Pocus-In The Land of Baloney-Rana Aich
In Her Skin    -Simone North I
Infinity-Chris Bonneau & Heather Ellingwood
Lace Veil-Abolaji Abimbola
Monkey Room  -Louis Rosenberg
Moriere  -Milton W. Mannix
Night of the Dolphin  -Richard Lambourne
One Last Thing  -Peder Meyer
Outliers-Kurt Smith
Plastic Girl-Nina Juliano
Rapture  -Christopher Pettoni
Reaping Santa  -Duvien Ho
Reconstructing Merle-Joe Stramowski
Rosea Dementia-Karen Meng
Scapegoat -Billy Louviere
Second Born- David Jagernauth
Shrouded in Darkness  -James Walker
Slade  -Jean Hunter
Spear of Destiny    -Matthew Altman
Spirit Journey-Barbara Rye-Ryan
Tappers  -Kevin Coleman
The Pentacle-Giles Beard
The Realms of Animar-Sean P. Griffin
The Recovered  -Brooke Roberts
The Sleeping Deep-Jeffrey Blake Palmer
Until the End-Renee Heiss
Vampire Stories -Ralph Soll
Your Life: The Movie  -Mike Wech


One Response to “Quarter-Finalist (sp?) ~ Creative World Awards”

  1. Congrats again on another 1/4~Finisher. Yer gonna need a bigger website.

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