Make us laugh. Make us scream. Don’t do both at the same time.

That is, unless you’re Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell of course!

Read why Jennifer’s Body took a “bloodbath” on it’s opening weekend and how it *might* have been avoided. Article here.

1. Leave comedy to the bears.
2. Stick with a PG-13 rating if you want lines at the ticket booth and butts in the seats.

Let it be known, I love Tremors and I do think there is room for some laughs in a horror film. Maybe not Funny Ha Ha laughs, but certainly some chuckles “splattered” here and there. But with the market conditions as they are and people spending less and less on “frivolous” entertainment, your script-to-film package better be carefully crafted to nail the right demographic on opening weekend. And preferably the demographic with deep pockets and lots of friends. Like, OMG! Go C J’sB NOW!


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