Big Week

Some noteworthy things happening this week:

  • October 1st brings the web release of The Sleeping Deep promotional teaser
  • the TSD Teaser screens at the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival and “Fuel the Fear” Horror Festival the weekend of Oct. 2-4. Red Brick Film’s John Tulin is en route.
  • the TSD Promo Kit is loaded, locked and ready to rock
  • our buddy Chip Street’s horror screenplay Faeries (co-written with Sean Meehan) is a finalist at ShriekFest ’09. Good luck guys!
  • a production company is considering my screenwriting samples for some write-for-hire work
  • a film producer in Canada requested a TSD Promo Kit
  • ScreamFest and The Golden Brad Awards announce screenplay winners

Mark your calendars, folks. Red Brick Films will need all hands on deck to help get the word out when the teaser goes LIVE on Wednesday!!



2 Responses to “Big Week”

  1. Busy times! Thanks for the shout out. We will be at the Shriekfest to pimp Faeries.

    Drop me a line. Which Canadian producer? Funny if it were the same guy looking at Faeries!

    Click your heels and send good mojo for all this week!

  2. This guy is in North Hatley, Quebec. I posted on Craigslist and he happened to respond before the ad got flagged by some flag-happy fucker. I’m not sure he will get on board The Sleeping Deep train, but you never know. He certainly has quite the list of credentials.

    Maybe that Canadian company is waiting for you to WIN AT SHRIEKFEST!?

    Definitely sending Faeries some mojo.

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