Teaser for Award-Winning Screenplay “The Sleeping Deep” Debuts Online

Here is the Press Release for October 1st, 2009.

PRLog TSD Press Release LINK HERE

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Teaser for Award-Winning Screenplay The Sleeping Deep Debuts Online

“The timing is perfect,” claims Jeffrey Blake Palmer, on the official debut of the promotional teaser for The Sleeping Deep. “October is all about monsters, mystery and horror movies.”

Palmer, a California-based screenwriter and director, joined creative forces with San Jose cinematographer John Tulin (Mind’s Eye, standard) and formed Red Brick Films with the aim of showcasing their capabilities as a production team and to capture the suspense of Palmer’s award-winning screenplay The Sleeping Deep, a horror/fantasy/thriller with “Lovecraftian undertones” which is set in New England.

“The script is a nod to Hitchcock, Stephen King and, yes, H.P. Lovecraft,” says Palmer, a New Hampshire native now living near Hollywood. “At the same time, it’s an entirely different beast with its own brand of chills and thrills.”

Monica Partridge, a Hollywood screenplay competition reader and story editor, was won over during a recent contest. “The Sleeping Deep is an effects-driven dual reality horror, evocative of The Cell. This was one of my most favorite scripts from this year’s competition season.”

But excitement for the story isn’t exclusive to Tinseltown. The enthusiasm is now bi-coastal. Michelle Souliere, editor of the Strange Maine blog, explains her take on the script.

“If this film is awarded the high level of production it deserves, then we are in for a treat the likes of which is seldom seen in the horror film industry,” writes Souliere.

The pre-visual footage took two days to shoot, but was several months in the making. Then came the dizzying process of editing. The finished product, a promotional kit complete with DVD, will be used to solicit investors, producers and production companies.

Palmer elaborates on the teaser’s structure. “We open with a scene in its entirety which helps lay the groundwork for one of the main story lines. This is followed by a faster paced sequence where Kevin descends into madness. Then, for good measure, we top it off with some creature FX.”

John Emurai supplied the creature FX, Shawn P. Russell composed the music, Michael Mulcahy provided journal sketches and set design, and Mike Nash created concept art. Some of the crew members are located across the U.S. and as far away as England.

The talent in front of the camera were drawn to the captivating story and complex characters. Ron Elwell plays Kevin Tiggs and Esther Mulligan is Janice Harrington, Kevin’s psychiatric nurse.

Palmer, who got his start in film with the 2001 feature On the Fringe, speaks to the process of fund-raising and the next phase of pre-production.

“The goal of this [teaser] was to show what could be achieved on limited resources, and I think we successfully produced results. But in order to respect the screenplay and do The Sleeping Deep justice… we’re gonna need a bigger boat.”

The teaser will screen at this year’s H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival in Portland, Oregon where it won Best Screenplay in 2008. It will also play at Fuel the Fear Horror Festival in Hermosa Beach, California. Both events take place the first weekend of October.

For information, visit TheSleepingDeep.com, RedBrickFilms.com or flickerpix on YouTube

PDF of Press Release HERE

Festival poster for The Sleeping Deep. Mazimus art by Mike Nash.

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