Quarter-Finalist ~ Movie Script Contest: The Golden Brad Awards


2009 Thriller/Horror/Sci-Fi Quarter-Finalists

Atom Smashers     by Phil Ferriere
Back on Planet Earth     by Clark Ransom
Below Zero     by Derek Ladd
Black Sun     by Robert Narholz
Blood & Sand     by Shane Perez
Borderland     by J.R. Taylor
Brad the Impaler     by TJ Cimfel
Caretaker     by David Landau
Deadly Breach     by Danny Kay
Dead Moon Falls     by Joey Cassel
Death & Taxes     by Peter & Elisabeth S. Hassan
Elysium     by Eric Ausley
53 Hours in Harper’s Ferry     by David Sabbath
Five Thousand Years     by Jim Grieco
Headhunter     by Melissa Goetz
Indentity Theft     by Jeff Travers
Infinite     by Per Muhlow & Anders Rasmusson
Just Kill Me Now     by Marjory Kaptanoglu
Ladies & Gentlemen, John Wilkes Booth     by Dan Barton
Land of Lincoln     by Teresa Allison
Macau Twlight     by Tony Shyu
Man with the Handlebar Mustache     by Rob Rex
Minus Men     by J.R. Taylor
Mistaken Identity     by Todd Schlichter
# 14     by Solomon Grundy
One Night Stand     by Adam Litt & Ian Coyne
Out of the Blue     by Trudy Happ-Hubermann
Point Innocent     by Jonathan Edward Young
Push Down and Twist     by Noua M. Phoenix
Roadside Assistance     by David J. Sakmyster
Sarah     by Walter McKnight
Sense of Self     by Craig Cambria
Shadow Trade     by Mike Donald
Shakedown     by Stephen Leach
Sons of Ava     by Helen Tuckett
Souls of the Dark Ride     by Mark McLaughlin
Stand Up and Die     by Dominic Pereira & Demetri Panayotopoulos
Synthesis of a Tragedy     by George Varotsis
10th Gear     by Vera VanGuard & Edward G. Negron
The Experience Machine     by George Varotsis
The Haunting of Reactor 5     by Robert Cox
The Lost Bloodline     by Rohan Sabharwal
The Motivator     by Jeffrey J. Johnson
The Sleeping Deep     by Jeffrey Blake Palmer
The Soul Gatherer     by Gordon Blake
The Svengali Effect     by Jeremy Shipp
The Unexpected Happenings of Nigel C…     by Josh Garrell
The Veil     by Eryn Edelen
The Void     by Zach Nelson
36 Hours     by Rahan Gulati
This Quoth the Raven     by David Sabbath
Time Pirates     by Terry “Will” Williams
To Live, Press One     by Stephen Hoover
Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow..     by Doris B. Gill


2 Responses to “Quarter-Finalist ~ Movie Script Contest: The Golden Brad Awards”

  1. Stephen Hoover Says:

    Cool trailer! Best of luck this contest season.

  2. Thanks Stephen!

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