Finalist ~ Spooky Movie Film Festival 2009

This news certainly helps kick off the weekend.

I’m thrilled to be in the running with some stiff competition. I know Headhunter and Horror Comic are both winning awards left and right. Maybe The Sleeping Deep will get lucky and come out on top?

Winners will be announced Monday night, November 2nd.  Stay tuned.


Headhunter – Melissa Goetz
Hollowville – Dan Masucci and Joe Masucci
Horror Comic – Stephen Hoover
Jack the Ripper’s Sister – Robin Perry
Junk Sick – Shawn Pittard & Trent Pittard
Kung Fu Zombies From Outer-Space – John Arszyla
My Bloody Sweetheart – James Francis Scott
Rose Marie’s Egg – Sophia Vassilakidis
The Sleeping Deep – Jeffrey Blake Palmer
Snarl – Ryan Ball

Here’s the web link if you’re interested in learning more about the Spooky Movie Film Festival

Have a great weekend folks.

~ Jeff


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