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Try as they might…

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Despite their good cheer and heartfelt seance, the Harrisons could not bring their turkey back from beyond the veil.

So they dined upon its flesh.

Happy Thanksgiving, folks. Consume mass quantities, imbibe in spirits and get your merrymaking on!!!


brick by brick

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As Red Brick Films slowly builds its filmmaking foundation, we continue adding new faces to the TSD Team even though we’re not sure where this screenplay is headed — into production? — and uncertain what is in store for us next. Still, it’s best to try and move forward even the slightest bit.

Sean Petrilak, another brilliant illustrator, will be adding his spin on some concept art for a few key scenes as well as thinking about a short graphic novel for promotional purposes.  See some of his work here.

Jessica Marshall-Gardiner, a talented actress in Hollywood, will be stepping into the role of our heroine Charlotte and Shal’duntuk the Maknaki Demon Warrior. If we can swing the green screen studio space and costumes, this will be a fun shoot.

Funding (whether self-financed or from elsewhere) must present itself before moving ahead with much of this, but for now, we’ll do what we can with what we have.

Shawn and I are still batting ideas back and forth for the new 60 second TSD teaser. We both want it to be just right before unleashing its raw power onto our worldwide audience.

Stay tuned…


New TSD Teaser… coming soon

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The wheels are in motion. The momentum is mounting. The time is upon us.


While we devise a plan for shooting new footage, I thought it was time to blast out another teaser clip (this one much shorter) with the material we already have — give or take few shots.

The spectacular Shawn P. Russell is now holed up in his lair, scoring new music and drumming up all types of sounds. Me thinks we’re in for a treat. If the stars are right, we’ll make the November 30th deadline for this year’s Trailer Festival. They aren’t screening clips until April and maybe we’ll have a big deal by then (imagine!) but in case we don’t – best to have some work out there working for us, eh?

Stay tuned for more updates on some new TSD Team Members… there’s lots of groovy stuff happening!

~ Jeff

Rhodywood Schwag

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“My teaser screened at the Brooklyn Coffee & Tea House and all I got was a picture of this lousy Rhodywood tee shirt and baseball hat.”


I jest.

Shawn P. Russell attended the TSD screening in Providence last week and the proprietor Tony was kind enough to offer our composer a sporty tee shirt and a spiffy baseball donned with the Rhodywood insignia. How cool! Thanks for the picture, Shawn, and thanks again Tony for playing host to our work in progress. We’ll be back someday with more footage.

Stay tuned for more screenings!

~ Jeff

Drive-by Demon

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We got the new MAZIMUS billboard up over the weekend. It took a while to hang  (just me and Rebecca) but we managed without incident. Take a look here:


Let me know if you see it on your way to work!

Encore screening of TSD at Killer Film Fest

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There will be a 2nd screening of the TSD teaser at the Killer Film Festival tonight. I’m not sure when it will roll, but I’m thrilled that it will be available for more people to see.

Details below or click here:

Thanks for the support, Michael!

MAZIMUS (hearts) your soul.

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After seeing the poster for James Cameron’s AVATAR, I thought I’d have some fun and design a few mock-ups for TSD Part II, since Part I was all behind us now. (I’m kidding…) Just playing around with a few taglines. If you can think of any variations, go ahead and post ’em in the comments section, or just vote on the ones here. Thanks!

Mazimus art by Mike Nash.