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ALL NEW 1-Minute TSD Teaser!!!

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Watch it, rate it and PASS IT ON!!!


2 versions of new poster concept

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Would this poster inspire you to get in line at the local theater or rent the DVD?

almost there :)

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The new 60 sec. TSD teaser is nearly done. Stay tuned!

Semi-Finalist ~ Screenplay Festival 2009

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Phew! I’ve been so busy with shooting and editing this new TSD teaser for that I forgot to check a few contest and competition websites. Lo and behold, The Sleeping Deep is a semi-finalist in this year’s Screenplay Festival. Really guys, can’t you come up with a catchier name than that? But I suppose it is easy to remember. ;)

Anyhow, here’s the link to check out.

Have a great weekend!

~ Jeff

Frame grabs from the new TSD teaser

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Jessica Marshall-Gardiner as Charlotte Foster and Shal’Duntuk

Shal’duntuk, Maknaki Demon Warrior

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As portrayed by Jessica Marshall-Gardiner.

Sing it. “Who ya gonna call? Shal’duntuk!”

Just a few pics from today’s shoot. Lots of fun. Jessica was quite the sport: chocolate sauce, fake blood, charcoal war paint, strands of hair lost to masking tape … all in a day’s work. Can’t wait to do it again in a proper studio and with our trusty DP John Tulin around. :)

More soon. Stay tuned!

~ Jeff

I’m no costume designer…

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Here’s a concept for Shal’duntuk the Maknaki Demon Warrior

Part Hellraiser, part Native American, part Matrix, part The Cell. I was aiming for something that looked traditional and grounded in historical fact, not the spray-on Lycra Super Heroine suits that seem to be all the rage nowadays. Sure I’m all for watching Kate Beckinsdale leap around and kick ass in her rubber ebony wetsuit, but we’re not fighting werewolves or vampires and The Sleeping Deep isn’t about what’s considered hip and “sexy” by Hollywood (or low-budget indie) standards for that matter.

We’ll see what happens.