Fred Ward as H.P. “Philip” Lovecraft

In my ongoing quest to pair actor with character in The Sleeping Deep, I’ve had Fred Ward in mind for quite a while to play old-timer Stony Hill.  A guy can dream, can’t he?

I came across this link below and figured Mr. Ward is at least familiar with “Lovecraftian” themed projects.

While I’d love to watch “Cast a Deadly Spell” (produced by Terminator’s Gale Anne Hurd), something tells me finding any copies will prove difficult.  Did anyone see this when it was on HBO back in 1991?  Thought I’d ask.

The flying pentagram partially covering Fred’s loins had me laughing.

Happy Monday!

~ Jeff


2 Responses to “Fred Ward as H.P. “Philip” Lovecraft”

  1. Well, you can watch it on YouTube. And you could always cast Bruce Campbell for Stony!

  2. Olaf,
    Thanks for the link. Bruce as Stony Hill? Now there’s a thought!
    ~ Jeff

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