New project, new possibilities…

While waiting for news from a few producers regarding The Sleeping Deep, I hunkered down and tidied up a 30-page supernatural/thriller I’ve been tinkering with called A Dawning Darkness. The first part “A Sea Witch for All Seasons” sets the stage for what (I’m planning) will become a much larger story set in Portland, Maine (or a waterfront district of the sort) and revolves around a pair of detectives, a gang of magical warriors, and the wrathful Shansatka, Shadow Queen of Vak’thil. Oh my!

Logline: When the long buried coffin of an ancient sea witch is hoisted to the water’s surface, a flurry of bizarre deaths spark an investigation that becomes bloodier and deadlier at every turn.

Part sci-fi, part supernatural with a mix of spooky moodiness (moody spookiness?) and “budget conscious” design, the plan is to use this script as a new writing sample for more opportunities with companies looking for similar material.  Part one has been registered with the WGA and is available for consideration. Email me if you’d like to give it a read.

Now, back to your original programming!



One Response to “New project, new possibilities…”

  1. Byron Habinsky Says:

    Hello Jeff,

    I am an actor/filmmaker from NYC. Also have a production company currently in development on few various projects. We are always seeking good content and talented and passionate people to work with and collaborate. Would love to read your script and take it from there…

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