The only thing certain is… there’s nothing certain.

I just signed and sent off a 2-year producer’s agreement/release along with the latest draft of the script to a seriously “big” (seriously) lit manager who has spent many years producing, packaging and financing films, many of them bonafide recognizable blockbusters with A-list talent in the sci-fi, fantasy, and horror genres. Always a good sign, right?

This, however, does not mean a “done deal” is etched in stone for The Sleeping Deep. If it were only that easy! After reviewing the script (which is bound to blow them away;) they will either get back to me with development notes(!), thus making the process official OR they could easily reply with a “PASS” which pretty much terminates the agreement. Yes, another waiting game, another crapshoot… and I have no clue how to play the craps table.

For the moment I am pleased to have made it this far. I got through the front yard gate, onto the porch, the door creaked open and eye contact was made. Will a meaningful conversation follow? Will the door swing shut, bonking me on the nose, sending me on my way? Your guess is as good as mine. :)

I am hopeful yet grounded in reality. Chances are slim, but a guy can dream, right? No matter the outcome I’ll be sure to post results.

As always, stay tuned…


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